Room Rental

Q: What does the rental include?
A: The rental includes use of the venue, 30 tables, 220 chairs,  restrooms, access to the kitchen and bar,  cleaning after the event and a security officer.

Q: What is the ballroom’s capacity?
A: 300 guest

Q: Are children or infants allowed in the ballroom?
A: Yes, they are more than welcomed.

Q: Is there a stage?
A: Yes, there is a stage.

Q: What type and quantity of tables are included in the rental?
A: 15 8ft rectangular tables
14 6ft rectangular tables
1 6ft circle table

Q: What items are not allowed in the ballroom?
A: Candles are not permitted in the building or the outside entrance. In addition, anything that will leave a permanent mark on the walls is not allowed, such as tape, adding nails or screws to the walls or blooking the doors or emergency exists is strictly prohibited.


Q: Do we offer catering?
A: Yes, we work with a restaurant and offer catering specializing in Latin food.

Q: Do you allow outside catering?
A: Yes, we allow for outside catering.

Q: Do you have catering items available for rent?
A: Yes, please speak a representative about pricing and items we have for rent.

Event Insurance

Q: Is the renter required to have event insurance?
A: Yes, we do require event insurance for all events. Please see La Hacienda Inc. staff for specific insurance requirements.



Q: What kind of alcoholic beverages do you serve?
A: La Hacienda Inc is a beer, champagne, cider, and wine establishment only. We require our bartenders to server all alcoholic beverages.

Q: Can I purchase alcoholic beverages through La Hacienda Inc.?
A: Yes, please contact a staff of La Hacienda Inc. for a pricing sheet.

Q: Can I bring in donated wine or beer?
A: Yes, the renter is able to bring in their own, however it will be served by the bartender of La Hacienda Inc.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Q: Do you have microphones available?
A: Yes, we have microphones available.

Q: Do you have a projector for rent?
A: Yes, we have a projector for rent. Please see La Hacienda Inc. staff for pricing.

Office Hours and Viewings

Q: What are your office hours?
A: La Hacienda is only open by appointment.

Q: How do I schedule a viewing?
A:  You can call (971)777-0094 for English or (503)686-0206 for Spanish. You can also send us an email at [email protected]


Q: Who is responsible for cleaning the venue after the event?
A: It depends, if  the renter chooses a package were the cleaning is already included then La Hacienda Inc. is responsible for the cleaning. However if the cleaning is not include in your package then the renter is responsible for cleaning the venue or the cleaning deposit will be kept.